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"The Kid's Place!"


Smarties LLC is your family's educational solution.

Smarties is owned by licensed, highly qualified educator & administrator, Mrs. Talaya Holland.  All sessions are between 30-55 minutes long. Sessions are facilitated by NC educators and highly qualified professionals. Students who consistently utilize our services show growth in classwork, organizational skills, EOGs, and EOCs.


A message from our Director

"Over the course of 12 years, my career in education has been marked by a rich tapestry of roles, each contributing to my depth of knowledge and proficiency in fostering academic growth and support.

Beginning as a dedicated educator, I took on the responsibility of guiding and mentoring students while designing comprehensive lesson plans that engaged and inspired active learning. This experience further refined my instructional strategies.

My role with exceptional children, helped me to develop a nuanced understanding of individualized teaching methods to cater to diverse learning needs.

My tenure as a Reading Interventionist allowed me to specialize in literacy development, implementing targeted interventions to enhance reading skills among students facing challenges. I implemented research based programs and personalized approaches that significantly improved student comprehension and fluency.

Stepping into the role of a Media Coordinator, I leveraged technology and various media resources to create an enriched learning environment. I facilitated access to diverse educational materials, integrated multimedia into the curriculum, while empowering students and staff with valuable resources for learning and research.

Throughout my career, my passion for fostering an inclusive and engaging learning environment for students, coupled with my hands-on experience across multiple educational roles, continues to be the driving force behind my dedication to the field of education."

-Mrs. Holland

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Organizational Skills Development

"A simple solution for students."





5th-12th grade

30 minute sessions, once a week for 4 weeks.

  • Soft Skills such as time management, decision making, ect.

  • Maximize use of technology

  • Self discipline

  • Problem Solving

Organizational skills are crucial for students as they provide a strong foundation for academic success and personal development. Strong Organizational skills 

improve productivity, reduce stress, enhance learning, and attribute to student's accountability and responsibility.

Investments starting at: $25 

Testing Strategies

"Minimizing testing anxiety, one strategy at a time"

 3rd-12th grade

30 minutes sessions, once a week for 4 weeks.

  • Strategies according to the question type. ex: Multiple choice, short answer ect. 

  • Smart Tips

  • Curriculum specific strategies.

Testing strategies significantly impact academic performance and overall learning outcomes. It enhances retention and recall, reduces test anxiety, builds confidence, and assists students in setting and achieving goals.

Investments starting at $25

Private Tutoring 

"1-on-1 sessions that count"



Pre-Kindergarten-6th grade

30-55 minute sessions, minimum of 6-weeks.

  • Intentional, subject specific sessions

  • Pre-test & Post-test

  • Focus can shift as we build upon knowledge 



Private tutoring can play a transforming role in a student's academic journey and personal development. Our tutors customize learning pace, reinforcement and clarification, help students improve academic performance, boos confidence and address specific needs.

Investments starting at $20

Services Provided

Operating Hours

Mon - Fri: 7:15am-8:00pm
Sat: Appointment only
Sun: Closed


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"The kid's place!"

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